Apple. Garmin. Fitbit. Catapult. Strava. Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Athletes already track their health & wellness data, simply to understand their own habits, feelings and statistics. They don't just need to know if they have had a bad or good performance. They need to know how to advance their performance!

What if, a team and athlete EHR platform exists that integrates into the connected health and medical device markets capturing this burgeoning data to become the leading world standard used globally by sport teams, organisations, athlete's and performers?

And what if, they used this data, harnessing its power to give personalised insights that talk directly to their peaks and dips that exist, whilst providing coaches, sports medicine professionals, teams and organisations the ability to develop strategies, analyse trends and measure results?


Now imagine, the fans engaging to access this data, to better understand their favourite sport, team and stars habits, physiology and mental wellness that inspires their own, and their communities health and wellbeing.

That's the basis of RABBLE Club - A global digital sport and entertainment community platform. You share, we grow, everybody wins.

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